On My Love for Cutting Hair

As some of you know, I got into cutting hair by cutting my own hair. When I was young I really admired my hair dresser. I was mesmerized, in a strange way. I always hated the forced conversations (“Do you have a boyfriend, yet?” “No.” “Good, it’s better that way.” Then why do you ask me every time…), and I’m sure she was the first of many people to become nervous cutting my hair because of my complete lack of expression. But I like watching people create a million times more than I like small talk. And honestly, sitting in Vicky’s chair may have been the only time I really looked at myself. It has been rare in my life to think of myself as “pretty,” not because I felt ugly, but because I thought of myself in purely abstract terms. But Vicky always made me feel not only pretty, but energetic about who I was inside and out.

To get back on track, I think it is safe to say that Vicky, unknowingly, was my very first cutting teacher. There came a time that she had built up such a huge clientele that it would take weeks for me to squeeze in with her. I grew irrational and impulsive in my high school years and when my feelings couldn’t be sculpted or painted or scribbled out, I would pull out my shears and cut a few months off my hair.

Since then I have had some wonderful cutting teachers both in Pittsburgh and abroad. And some amazing friends/clients to offer their heads to my creativity. Kora will always be one of my favorites, with her boldness and openness, her unique beauty and the personality to pull off any cut. I miss laying down newspapers and ripping arm holes in a garbage bag to keep the hair off. And she was never afraid of my gently crazed expression.


Since then, of course my cutting is more sophisticated, with mind to technique and shape and sectioning. I have learned so much every step of the way. But I still have this deep passion and deep love of personalization. I could truly spend all day freestyle cutting one haircut, just adding more different details and features. But the ability to plan and lay down a blueprint in my brain is invaluable and brings new fun and efficiency. Something of a puzzle.

What I strive for in hair cutting is not only individuality and fun, but also extreme wearability. I have never been one for just making things look princess-perfect. Or any other kind of perfect. I want my clients to be able to style simply. To have hair that changes every day with their mood. Versatility and spontaneity. I want their hair to look like it sprouts naturally that way. Organic and uninhibited. I want enthusiasm and excitement from my clients and I want them to love what I give them but never become complacent.

Who’s with me?

Call 412/344-9707 for an appointment with me.

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