I have been quite the busy bee the past month. Since returning from my trip to Oregon, I organized hair and makeup for the Stocking Noir Fashion Show, created (with incredible help!) a video for the Vidal Sassoon Scholarship Competition, shot for NAHA, and taught a few cutting classes at my salon. Of course, that is on top of my five days a week in the salon, plus freelancing for weddings and photoshoots. Intercoiffure marked the temporary end to all the chaos.

Intercoiffure is a unique show. Most shows are put on by product lines or beauty supply stores, and they draw a particular crowd, mostly educators, brand enthusiasts and young hair stylists. And generally, anyone can attend. Intercoiffure is an elite society of successful and talented salon stylists. There are councils for cutting and color and they decide who is good enough. Needless to say, it was an incredible honor to style hair and speak in front of a crowd of such accomplished hairdressers. And to top it all off, I got to work it with my fellow What’s Next winner (Professional Category), Danny Lozada.

The weeks prior I spent a ton of time prepping, planning, picking tools, a.k.a. sitting on my living room floor with a doll head, surrounded by a mess of pins, wires and irons, wandering around the hardware store, and talking with my mentor, Anthony Cress. Meanwhile, everyone around me was coming down with colds and flus, my husband included, and I was just trying to eat and sleep and keep myself healthy.

I flew into NYC Friday night and took a cab to the W, which is right across from the Walforf Astoria, the site for Intercoiffure. We prepped at the Wella World Studio in the Rockefeller Plaza, starting early Saturday morning. We were in the middle of our morning meeting when a special guest rolls in, my mentor Anthony Cress flew in from California to help and support me for my first major show! It was incredible, because I had never actually had he opportunity to style beside him. He is an incredibly calming influence and he helps me stay true to myself and what I want to do with hair. It was wonderful just to know that there was a big beard out in the audience just for me. This is he kind of thing that makes me absolutely devoted to my Sebastian family. I have the utmost admiration for all the top stylists who look out for me and encourage me all the time.

Model casting was fun, I found some great girls with beautiful hair and even saw an old friend from Pittsburgh. The Sebastian crew had five models. Two for me, two for Danny and one collaboration, which Anthony styled for us. The wardrobe stylist had some gorgeous couture pieces for our girls, all black, of course, but with beautiful textures and silhouettes.

The morning of the show, we had an unusually late call time (noon) which was great. I took the morning to go on a fabulous walk. It’s nice to just walk the streets of New York, especially in the quiet of Sunday morning. MoMA was hopping! I didn’t quite have time to go in but strangely just being close to MoMA and seeing it buzz at eleven in the morning, only a half hour after opening, gave me a rush of calm.

Show prep went quickly. After my walk I was thoroughly energized and quite excited. Anthony was there so I knew everything would work out. There was a moment when our technical rehearsal began and I wasn’t as far along with the hair as I had hoped. But I took the break, watched the flow of the show and realized that I just wasn’t feeling the style I had planned. I came back from rehearsal, told Anthony the new game plan and he helped me get the model to my new vision, and I have to say it was the right decision. I had spent hours hand coiling wire for the original look but at that moment, I knew that wasn’t the right look for me to do last night.

The show flew by. It was so much fun to watch from back stage and see all the creations. Once I was on stage i felt like it was over as soon as it began. I got to speak very briefly on stage which was a lot of fun. It was incredible to see the sea of hair stylists nodding and smiling, paying complete attention to me, this little lady from Pittsburgh.

Afterwards I got some great one on one time with my mentor Anthony, and it was great to just chat for a little while, go over my NAHA looks and talk about what is next for me.




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