An Iberian Adventure, Part I: Lisbon, Portugal

It is late and my bags are still packed, but I wanted to take some time to really appreciate what an incredible ten days I just had.  This is a very pivotal year for me.  A lot of dreams are taking root and I have been weighed down, to say the least.  So a quick vacation to one of the chillest (temperament, not temperature) parts of the world was just what I needed. I was bound for Lisbon for work and Madrid for play, and I expected the two parts to be fairly compartmentalized.  But what I got was a little bit of everything I needed, from technical practice and building my skill set to assessing who I am and where I want to be. And thankfully my husband, Richard, was able to come along on this adventure with me.

As soon as I hit the Lisbon Airport’s metro stop I was in love with the city. (See below)

Such a beautiful and vibrant city with a lot of cool art sprinkled around.  Such a relaxed and artsy place to be. Leave it to the Portugese to take precision cutting and bold sectioning and create such gorgeous, flowy hair cuts full of organic movement.  My only complaint would also be one of my favorite parts of the city: the hills!  My shins were aching after four days of exploring but it was definitely worth it for some incredible views.

Our first day of training we were warmly greeted by Clementina and Sabine, the organizer and the specialist.  I got to get my hands on some after hearing about it and seeing lots of Instagram posts.  It is a very cool system and I am excited to see the new methods of coloring that it will open up.  I don’t see it as taking the place of foils or even as being something for every client, but it is definitely going to open the doors to more creative coloring.

The next two days featured international cutting experts located in Lisbon.  I greatly enjoyed their teaching style, their energy, and their accents (Portugese, but had lived in Australia and London).  They were great precision cutters with a lot of good tips and a lot of disconnection.  A lot of times with disconnection it is hard to imagine how it will lay once the cut is done… but with some of their cuts, it straight up felt like it would not, could not, possibly work… but it did, and beautifully!  Definitely opened my mind to some new sectioning and cutting patterns.  Excited to bring it back to the salon.

I also had my 25 birthday on my second day in Lisbon!  Richard took me around town and I got to see the best view and some great parks and we had a fabulous Portugese dinner.  And of course it was wonderful to see the other Vivace-ers from California for classes and have our great company dinner on my last night in Portugal!  Lots of celebrating.








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